Are your looking for a new job in home care? From £13.40 per hour

Home care involves mainly helping older people to continue to live in their own home.  Whilst there is no no doubt the home care isn’t for everyone for those who enjoy helping brighten the days of older people in Chorley and Leyland are it is a highly rewarding job.  We have vacancies for carers on a range of shifts but mornings, and evenings and weekend work are always required.  We can consider applicants wanting anything from just 10 hours a week up to a full time post.  Working for Independent Living means you will not carry out any 15 minute calls, and all our care calls are in the Chorley and Leyland area.  We provide paid training and shadowing, petrol money, uniforms, and fund your DBS.  If you are interested in home care, are over 18 years old and have a car why not call Amanda or Lilian on 01257 696 050.

At the present time we are not able to accept overseas sponsorship care workers.