“Can you start care the same day we ask for it?”

YES. The most common reason is due to discharge from hospital. It is common for someone to be informed in the morning that they can go home later that day. We have been told at 3pm that someone is coming home and provided support at 5pm! It causes me a headache but we can do it! Another reason for same day care is that people have never used a care company before and assume care is easy to arrange. However, as a responsible care company we complete an “assessment” at the person’s home, which is required by our regulator – the Care Quality Commission. We require a person’s details: medical conditions, medication, doctor, and next of kin.

As a responsible employer we check that the home is safe for our staff to work in. Independent Living can: look after pets, help someone to the bathroom, provide meals, shop, stay overnight, or offer company. If you are considering care or support at home and it is not an emergency it is better to give us a few day’s notice. We can plan our rotas in advance and give you the very best support. For a free “Hospital to Home” leaflet please call me on 01257 696 050.

“Are care services available throughout the night?”

YES. Two types of care are available. A “waking watch” the carer is alert and available to work throughout the night. This is used when someone is very ill and requires constant attention. A “sleep-in” is where the carer sleeps but can be woken up a maximum of three times. This is ideal if a carer is needed for reassurance or for a few one-off tasks such as helping a person to the toilet or prompt medication and is cheaper. Both these options can be long or short term.

A legal ruling concluded that carers must be paid at least the minimum wage – even when sleeping because they are at work. Independent Living complies with the law, we pay our staff above the legal hourly rate so you can be sure with us everything is done properly. Independent Living also offers a “7 til 7” emergency call out service. If you need help in the night, for example after a fall, if you feel ill or need to go to hospital a carer can visit to help even at 2am!
If you require advice, or our leaflet on Overnight Care & “7 til 7”, please call me on:
01257 696 050.

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