We now have a timetable for opening up society and it seems in June 2021 we should have some normality back in our lives.  Whatever your age group we have all been hit by COVID19.  For many older people loneliness and isolation are a big issue and our carers visiting their home has provided a lifeline.  It really hit home to me last week when I spoke to a customer who is having to shield, he told me he had left his home just three times all year, and two of those times had been to get his COVID19 injection.  I think most of us would have suffered mental health problems coping with this.

However, my customer was positive and told me he had faced similar experiences when in the army.  He had used a IPAD extensively and had been able to do some gardening.  We had helped him and his wife by ensuring that rather than having 2-3 carers for the period of the pandemic we had been able to reduce it to just one person.

The whole COVID19 situation has shown the immense value of the care sector.  Our carers make sure someone has had human contact when the rules prevented families meeting for weeks on end.  Our customers have phoned the office regularly and it is clear they enjoy speaking with someone.

Let us hope when the COVID19 situation improves people will also remember those outside the NHS who also worked hard at this difficult time to help older and vulnerable people in the community get through this.