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Jobs at Independent Living – We Are Recruiting!


Here at Independent Living we are recruiting! We are looking or carers to cover our operating hours of 7am to 10pm.  We particularly want to hear from people who want to work early mornings, evenings and weekends.  All staff must own a car and will be subject to a DBS Check.  Previous experience in care is not essential as training will be provided, but an interest in older call people is a must.

The role – helping older people in their own homes

  • Companionship
  • Personal care
  • Transport to appointments
  • Light household duties
  • Medication prompting, meals and drinks


  • Every carer will get at least £11.20 per hour (more with qualifications)
  • We pay younger carers £11.20
  • 30p per mile travelled
  • Training and shadowing paid
  • DBS paid by us
  • Time a half Bank Holiday
  • Free smart uniform
  • Rated GOOD
  • Friendly team





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HM Queen Elizabeth II

We are sorry to hear of the passing of the our dear sovereign, the Majesty Elizabeth II on the 8th September 2022.  We extend our condolences to the Royal Family at this difficult time.



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The News!

In studying the news it is amazing how another bad news immediately moves the previous story on, and it as if the previous problem didn’t exist!  As I sit here the Russia/Ukraine conflict has almost totally drowned out the covid crisis.  After 2 years of relentless COVID stories you could be forgiven for thinking that the Russian/Ukrainian issue has cured the virus!

Of course the reality is different, as I monitor the COVID data this week the numbers are actually going back up and 50,000 new cases a day are being declared.  This is a reminder that we all still need to be vigilant, and just because something is not front page news does not mean it has gone.  In the care sector companies like Independent Living still take covid seriously, using PPE, Masks, Sanitiser, regular testing and submitting data to government.

Just because the news story has “moved on” does not mean we can forget COVID!  We must take COVID seriously.


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We are looking for carers wanting for just 5 hours a week to 40 hours to help our customers in their own homes.  Previous experience is not required as training is given.  You will need to enjoy helping older people.  Applicants must have a car.

We only cover Chorley and Leyland areas so we will not be sending you to places like Parbold or Walmer Bridge for a single care call!

Key tasks

  • Meals, drinks and medication prompts
  • Light housework
  • Travel to appointments
  • Personal care
  • Shopping
  • Companionship
  • And similar tasks…..

Interested?  Call Lilian or Amanda in normal office hours.

01257 696 050

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Vaccination for Carers

Over the last 4 months debates have raged about whether or not carers should be vaccinated to do their job, and by extension if they refuse should they be dismissed.  On the 11th November 2021 staff in care homes must be dismissed if they are not double vaccinated (without a medical reason), and this is to be extended to the NHS and home care in April 2022.

Everyone has an opinion, ……if you work with vulnerable people part of the job is to protect them and it should be “no jab, no job”.  Others cite human rights, that the vaccine effects are unproven, and why care home staff 4 months before the NHS.  It is likely that to work in care people will have to have had 3 jabs in 10 months.  I had one in January, one in April and one in November.  A booster each year is acceptable – but going forward I don’t fancy three jabs every year.

Whatever your view on vaccinations, another danger has emerged over the last 4 months – chronic care staff shortage.  In truth a lack of people wanting to work in care has gathered pace for at least the last 5 years, probably 10 years.  For whatever reason, the NHS and care sector are just not getting job applicants, so to dismiss staff through no vaccine can only put more pressure on the sector and also puts vulnerable people at risk.

As Winter approaches it is suddenly dawning on the Government that if care homes, and home care cannot help people due to a lack of staff then people have no other place but to stay in hospital, and this is turn stops others being admitted from an Ambulance, or having their long planned surgery.  This week it was announced 6 million people are on the waiting list for an operation, and it rises by 100,000 each month.

As the owner of a home care business I will leave mandatory vaccine decision making to the Government.  However, we would like to know when the Government states “no jab, no job” who they will provide to cover the work of carers who choose not to be vaccinated, and how they will tackle the lack of candidates for care jobs.

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Paying for Social Care

Over the last week the news is full of how social care will be funded going forwards.  According to the newspapers it will be paid for by adding 1% on National Insurance.  This approach has its supporters (a poll suggests the public agrees) and its opponents (part of the Cabinet).  Even in social care National Insurance is a cost to employers and employees so the result is likely to be higher care costs to cover National Insurance rises.

As a care provider the most worrying statement is that the money raised for social care which will go initially to the NHS to clear the backlog of operations, which without funds will rise from 5.5 million to 13 million.  The point is that despite all the publicity no money is coming to social care, and given the volume of operations it is unclear when it will.  This is probably because the NHS is more political, and headline grabbing.  The question is what does social care do in the meantime?  Companies are already finding it hard to recruit, and rising costs are making care unprofitable for some.  In addition, when people have had their operation who will care for them is the social care sector is still underfunded?

The owner of Independent Living (Mark Booker) commented “yet again social care is being put behind health and the NHS.  People do not seem to understand that health and social care go together.  Good care means less people will get ill, and those who do get ill can recover at home – thereby clearing capacity in hospitals.  Using funds to clear operation waiting lists could mean no extra funding in social care for 3-4 years at least.”

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Booster Jabs?

According to the press all adults over 50, and those with immunity issues will have a third booster jab in the next few months.  It is hoped 32 million will receive the vaccine which will help protect them in the forthcoming Winter.  The doses will be delivered by 2,000 community pharmacies so the NHS can concentrate on the 5.3 million backlog of treatments.  It is anticipated that 250,000 will be delivered each day.  Given the current vaccination rates the figures are seen as realistic.  Discussions are taking place as to which vaccines will be used.  It has been suggested that people will receive a different vaccine from last time.

At the present time the backlog of 5.3 million treatments is also causing deep concern.  Private Medical Health Facilities are seeing a massive demand for procedures with people reportedly paying £20,000 for a heart bypass in order to avoid waiting on the NHS.

Independent Living Owner (Mark Booker) commented “the booster will offer reassurance for some of the people we care for.  Whilst many people are enjoying their returned freedoms vulnerable people fear it puts them at greater risk.  It must also remembered that vaccinations help but they do not stop in everyone getting COVID.  However, additional vaccines will help older people who receive home care, and hopefully thee people can have fuller lives doing activities which have been restricted in the last 18 months.”


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New Alzheimers Drug Approved

It has been announced in the press over recent days that a new drug to combat Alzheimers has been approved in America.  It is the first to be approved in over 20 years, and it is the only one on the market believed to slow down the disease.  The drug is manufactured by Biogen and will be marketed as “Adulem”.  It is claimed it reduces proteins in the brain which cause Alzheimers and reduces cognitive decline by 22%.  The drug is delivered by intravenous infusion and sites will be made available to do this throughout America.

The drug is not without its critics.  Some believe it is not effective, or not as effective as is claimed.  If it does prove ineffective the licence can be removed by the regulator.  A major worry is that elderly people spent $56,000 on a course of treatment only to find out it does not work.  However, others say it will lead to further research and improvements.

Independent Living Owner (Mark Booker) commented “we care for people with memory loss and it is a devastating illness.  Over the 10 years we have been been in the care sector their is no doubt the number of the people with the disease is growing – probably due to an ageing population.  Anything which gives people realistic hope must the welcomed.  Clearly the price of Adulem is high and it needs to come down if it is to be accessible to everyone who could benefit”.

Read more about memory loss and Alzheimers here.

If you or a loved one is in need of help due to Alzheimers, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or contact us through the website.  Our friendly team will help however we can, even if you don’t become a client of ours.

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COVID19 Doesn’t Stop the Leyland Duck Race 2021

The Leyland Rotary Club are holding their annual duck race this May Bank Holiday.  Given the COVID19 situation it is with a twist!  The duck race is not this year on the River Lostock but is a virtual online race which takes place over the entire Bank Holiday weekend.  It is starting on the 28th May and finishing on Bank Holiday Monday at noon.  The ducks can be tracked over this time to see who is winning, and who wins.  The ducks cost £2.50 each and all proceeds will go to St Catherines Hospice, Derian House, and Cancer UK (Leyland).

Independent Living owner (Mark Booker) commented “as a former member of Leyland Rotary Club I am delighted to endorse this event.  We have purchased a number of ducks.  I know how much effort goes into this event.  Along with the Leyland Festival and the Christmas Supermarket Collections it is a major annual fundraiser.  Please go on the Leyland Rotary Club website and support the duck race.”






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Back to Normal?

We now have a timetable for opening up society and it seems in June 2021 we should have some normality back in our lives.  Whatever your age group we have all been hit by COVID19.  For many older people loneliness and isolation are a big issue and our carers visiting their home has provided a lifeline.  It really hit home to me last week when I spoke to a customer who is having to shield, he told me he had left his home just three times all year, and two of those times had been to get his COVID19 injection.  I think most of us would have suffered mental health problems coping with this.

However, my customer was positive and told me he had faced similar experiences when in the army.  He had used a IPAD extensively and had been able to do some gardening.  We had helped him and his wife by ensuring that rather than having 2-3 carers for the period of the pandemic we had been able to reduce it to just one person.

The whole COVID19 situation has shown the immense value of the care sector.  Our carers make sure someone has had human contact when the rules prevented families meeting for weeks on end.  Our customers have phoned the office regularly and it is clear they enjoy speaking with someone.

Let us hope when the COVID19 situation improves people will also remember those outside the NHS who also worked hard at this difficult time to help older and vulnerable people in the community get through this.






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