The media is currently full of COVID 19 stories!  I don’t know if you are like me but after a few months of reading the press about COVID19 I’ve given up!  First to annoy me is the miracle cures: Vitamin D, Anti-depressants, rabies drugs……………….yesterday it was even mouthwash!   The next bug bear is the “experts”, one Professor saying a lockdown achieves little and the numbers were falling before it, whilst another Professor saying it is vital to save the NHS and “flatten the curve”.  Then we get experts saying 40% of people have had COVID19, others saying its just 5%.  They don’t even know if you are immune from COVID19 in future if you have had it!

Given the above we would just like to reassure you that it is business as normal here at Independent Living.  The office is open in normal working hours to deal with issues.   We are continuing to care for our customers in their own homes.  We are providing our carers with hand sanitizers and our carers are issued with personal protective equipment (PPE).  If any of our carers do exhibit possible symptoms of COVID 19 they will self isolate for the period of time required by the Government.

If we can help please call us in normal office hours on 01257 696 050.