Companionship, and Getting Out and About

My mother gave up driving her Nissan Micra when she was 85. My brother and I had to talk her into it though! We told her she was a good driver; it was the other people on the road we were worried about! Mum is very outgoing but the result of having no car was that she was unable to meet people and go out. Me and my husband are both in our 50s and we run a local business and my brother lives in Surrey so it’s just not possible for us to be there for Mum all the time.

When she had a bout of ill health 5 years ago I suggested getting her some companionship from Independent Living as I had met Mark (the owner) through my business. Mum was reluctant to have ‘strangers’ coming to the house but she agreed to try and the carers started visiting her for just 1 hour a day, 10am – 11am. In this time they take her to Chorley Market, Tesco’s at Buckshaw and Brennard’s Garden Centre. Like all people her age, she has a lot of health appointments and Independent Living takes her to these too! Mum feels much happier and feels that the carers are her friends. From my point of view, we have the reassurance that Mum is happy and safe without us needing to be there all the time.

Mrs S, Astley Village, Chorley

Overnight Support

My mum lives on her own but she had a hospital stay and when she came out she didn’t feel safe on her own, particularly at night. I called Independent Living not having arranged care before. Amanda and Nikki were very helpful and they were able to find someone to stay from 10pm-7am for a few nights. We then felt mum could cope but after a few days we realised she needed more help at night for a while longer. Amanda was able to reinstate the overnight care on the very same day we asked for it – I was amazed by the flexibility of the service.

Since we have used the overnight service when Mum hasn’t been feeling well. We preferred this approach rather than putting Mum in a care or nursing home for respite which I know she did not want.

Mrs T, Leyland

Personal Care

My wife had a stroke several years ago whilst we were out having a pub lunch. As you can imagine this was a massive shock to us all but over the following few months it became clear my wife would never be able to move freely and speak again. I can do certain tasks for her such as providing food and drinks but being in my 80s myself I cannot get her dressed or help her to the toilet. I contacted Independent Living after seeing their advert, two carers were needed at the same time to help my wife with all the tasks I could not do. As our requirements were extensive we employed two care companies and a local freelance nurse, if we had staffing issues with the other company or our freelancer was on holiday, we contacted Independent Living and they were terrific responding at short notice.

Mr J, Parbold


I knew Independent Living had looked after a gentleman in Croston with Parkinson’s so when my husband needed help, I felt they had the necessary experience. He was able to live with his Parkinson’s and still drive a sports car but after a chest infection, his condition became much more serious. Like many people with Parkinson’s my husband would be fine walking one minute but then ‘freeze’ or lose his balance. As a result, we needed someone with him Monday to Friday whilst I was at work. The carers were great, they provided support at the times of the day I needed it, they prompted medication, prepared meals, offered companionship and when my husband felt better in the afternoons, they took him out in the car.

Mrs M, Eccleston