Doctors have welcomed a treatment which may slow down the condition if it is caught in its early stages.  Biogens drug “aducanumab” has seen success in clinical trials.  The manufacturer is in talks to seek the opinion of the US regulator.  A trial has been given to 3,000 patients at higher doses than previously given and it does appear to slow down the disease.

Anton Portsteinsson from the University of Rochester stated “there is a tremendous unmet need and the Alzheimers disease community has been waiting for this moment”. The news comes after 5 years which drug companies have watched promising treatments fail in their final stages, leading to some firms to pull entirely from the field.”

Independent Living Owner (Mark Booker) commented “we hear an awful lot about miracle cures and promising clinical trials but up to know many drugs have not lived up to their hype.  However, with an ageing population more people are experiencing memory loss issues and if we are to provide quality care in the future more investment is needed in this area”.