Sir Ian Wilmut cloned “Dolly the Sheep” in 1986 which opened the way for stem cell research and treatments for Parkinsons.  Now the 73 year old has been diagnosed with Parkinsons himself but he has also become a patron of a new research programme which will try new therapies that aim to slow the progression of the disease.  Sir Ian realised something was wrong weeks ago when he walked the dog and became “stuck”.  The new research programme is aimed at potential tissue repair and clinical trials are due to start in Japan this year.

Parkinsons is a progressive loss of neurons which release dopamine needed for movement.  Symptoms include: trembling, pain and depression.  It affects 1 in every 500 people which is around 127,000 in the UK.  Most suffers are aged over 50.

Independent Living owner (Mark Booker) stated “we hear a great deal about memory loss and in particular Alzheimers because with an ageing population the numbers affected are massive.  Having said this it does not mean diseases such as Parkinsons should be neglected, it is a disease that affects our older population and is something which is expected to increase.  At Independent Living we find the some of our clients have both Parkinsons and memory loss, the link between the two is well known”.

We have specialised on helping people with Parkinsons for many years now, if we can help please call our office on 01257 696 050.