Relatives of dementia patients should be classed as key workers according to charities such as Dementia UK and the Alzheimers Society and people with dementia have been the hardest hit in the pandemic.  The are asking Health Secretary (Matt Hancock) to make visitors to care homes “key workers” so that they can be tested regularly.  There is a “hidden catastrophe” as care homes have been closed to visitors since March and some residents do not understand the situation due to their condition.

COVID-19 In Care Homes

Thousands have died in Care Homes during the COVID19 pandemic and others have been left isolated from their families and friends.  The charities praised care homes that have been innovative such as trying to organise virtual visits.  Relatives are frustrated that the rules are not clear and they are being interpreted differently across the country.  The Department of Health state they will issue guidance shortly on how we can carefully and safely allow visiting in care homes”.

Mark Booker (Independent Living) stated ” care homes are clearly a concern, people want to see their loved ones but of course no one wants to spread COVID19 to vulnerable people.  Care homes have probably had the brunt of COVID19 but its only recently their plight has made the headlines.”

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