The Mayor of Chorley (Doreen Williams), aged 83 plunged 10,000 from a plane by parachute for charity last month.  For her year in office she has chosen to raise  money for “The Alzheimer’s Society”.  Doreen said “I play golf and badminton but this was a bit different!  It was a bit frightening at first but when the parachute opened it was a wonderful feeling”.  The Mayor has raised over £2,500 on her Just Giving page, and with other money coming in it will go to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Doreen explained why the Alzheimer’s Society “it is a disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, including someone close to me and it is nice to be able to put something back.”

Independent Living Owner (Mark Booker) commented “it just proves that it is not just young people who can take part in dare devil charity activities! People are living longer and generally retaining a decent level of health into older age.  Alzheimers and memory loss diseases are becoming more prevalent in our society and I welcome more people selecting to support charities relating to older people.”  “I am happy to support age related charities but I will leave the parachute stunts with Doreen!”