According to MPs more Councils and Developers should build bungalows because of their “endearing popularity among older people”.  There is a current shortfall of accessible and specialist homes which limits the housing options for older people.

An idea rejected is the reduction of stamp duty for older people moving but MPs said a national strategy is needed because the number of people over 85 will double in just 25 years.  Surveys show that high numbers of older people would move to bungalows if they were available.  A key problem in many places is that the price of land is so high it is impossible to make bungalows financially viable.

MPs also stated that new homes should be “age proofed” so older people can remain at home, all research shows people want to stay at home for as long as is practical.  It was also felt that the reason older people do not move to more suitable property is not just financial but also for emotional and practical reasons.  The National Pensioners’ Convention said it was unfair to blame older people for not moving which has recently been blamed for the lack of homes for families.

Independent Living Owner (Mark Booker) commented “we have provided care for people in their own home for 6 years now and all the feedback suggests that is where older people want to stay.  A care home is seen as a last resort when people can no longer cope alone.  More bungalows would be useful because older people have mobility issues and having a bathroom etc on the ground floor is a much better option.  We also note that when people get to a certain age they do not want the upheaval of moving even if their own home is no longer ideal.”