Back to work again after the Christmas and the New Year.  It is has been a strange and difficult Christmas- some people have sadly spent Christmas alone, or without the people they really wanted to spend it with.  Just before Christmas I dropped off a present to a former customer who resides in  care home.  Although I regularly telephoned the lady  it was the first time I had been to the care home since COVID-19 restrictions were put in place last March.  I found it quite upsetting just only being able to go to the window and wave – it brought it home to me just how difficult it has been for older people, and their next of kin.

As I write, the Oxford vaccine is being rolled out today which is great news.   However, I don’t know about you but often the media do not help the situation – a few days ago the newspapers were full of stories that there wouldn’t be enough vaccine, then the companies came back and said there was!  The latest negativity is whether or now the vaccine will stop the so-called “South African Strain” of COVID.  However, it does seem there will be enough vaccine so lets hope that by Easter we are starting to see some positive results.

I do think that many more people in the future will consider taking home care.  Many people have appreciated the carers both providing them with practical help, and company when their relatives cannot visit due to COVID19 rules.

Hopefully by Easter we will all be able to visit friends and relatives in care homes (and elsewhere) safely!

Stay Safe