Despite COVID 19 having a huge impact on every day life as we know it, our services are still operating as normal as possible throughout the pandemic. The safety of all our clients and care staff remains of upmost importance, and this will not be changing at any point.

We have dealt with cases in which our services are limited due clients being at a higher risk than others, but also dealing with cases in which the need for our services have increased due to clients getting less general interaction with friends or family.
With an increased worry in elderly relatives being kept at care homes, despite the new rollout of the vaccine, many people are wary of the situation and are now turning to home care services instead.

We offer a great range of services, from bathing or making meals for clients, to overnight care and/or 24 hour care. We also have very strong experience helping with memory loss/dementia support and other illness orientated services.

It’s clear to note we are equipping all our staff with the required PPE to keep both themselves and the ones they are supporting safe, in order to keep providing our high quality services despite all the problems currently circulating across the country. We understand, especially now, how it’s difficult to anticipate the level of support you may need. That is why we offer a flexible service plan which means you can change your given plans to tailor for different needs.

Get in contact today and we will be sure to help in any way we can.