A Major Campaign As Been Launched

A major campaign to protect Lancashire’s elderly from becoming victims of scams and confidence tricksters has been launched. A number of organisations are working together including: Crimestoppers, the Post Office, Lancashire Police, Age UK and Think Jessica.
Recent scams include an elderly lady being told she was entitled to a £8,000 grant if she paid an administration fee of £210. Another included a demand for £1,600 so her computer viruses could be removed in Thailand.  Sharon Rai of the Post Office stated “being a victim of a scam is not only financial, it is emotional causing great upset and possibly an unwillingness to trust other people who genuinely want to help”.  Gary Murray from Crimestoppers added “any scam can be reported on 0800 555 111”

Mark Booker, the owner of Independent Living commented “we are pleased see the development of this initiative, targeting some of the most vulnerable in our society who may live alone without access to good advice and may not be alert as they once were is disgraceful. Many elderly people have ill health and could have lost a partner and this just causes more distress. I run a business and we are constantly targeted by scams, in the past year this has included bogus advertising, fake charities, expensive electricity and someone impersonating a tax officer claiming we owed £1,300. Elderly people have often worked hard all their lives and these scams are trying to take their life savings”.