A new group for the over 50’s has been created at St Laurence’s Church Café, Chorley to promote group singing amongst older people. They have received a number of grants, such as from Chorley Astley Rotary Club, and through Chorley Council’s, “Small Community Fund” to help set up and provide musical instruments.

The group provides social, emotional, and cognitive benefits for participants.  Not only can people sing, but a grant has been received to purchase a drum kit.  It’s a great opportunity to get out and meet new people for a few hours.

Independent Living owner, Mark Booker, commented, “Singing is known to help raise people’s spirits and for people with memory loss issues such as dementia, it is a great way to involve them, making them feel better, and quite often it brings back positive memories.  Organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Society have similar activities such as ‘Singing for the Brain’ and it is a growing area of therapy.  Whilst people may experience short term memory loss, they can often recall things from their more distant past and that includes the words to songs!  As we get older our health can often limit us from participating in active sports which are made for us to feel physically and emotionally better so group singing is a positive solution”.

Mark also commented

“As a home care company, we see a lot of people spending time alone and want those who are well enough to get out and about more and meet people.  As a member of the Rotary Club, I am also proud that money is being donated to local causes, especially older members of our community.”

The group is run by Ali Maze and Janet Wright and they can be contacted on 01257 276178, or more can be found on facebook www.facebook.com/lifelongsongchorley