In studying the news it is amazing how another bad news immediately moves the previous story on, and it as if the previous problem didn’t exist!  As I sit here the Russia/Ukraine conflict has almost totally drowned out the covid crisis.  After 2 years of relentless COVID stories you could be forgiven for thinking that the Russian/Ukrainian issue has cured the virus!

Of course the reality is different, as I monitor the COVID data this week the numbers are actually going back up and 50,000 new cases a day are being declared.  This is a reminder that we all still need to be vigilant, and just because something is not front page news does not mean it has gone.  In the care sector companies like Independent Living still take covid seriously, using PPE, Masks, Sanitiser, regular testing and submitting data to government.

Just because the news story has “moved on” does not mean we can forget COVID!  We must take COVID seriously.