McMillans Coffee Morning for Cancer

On the 30th September nationally hundreds of McMillan Coffee Morning were held to raise funds for the cancer charity. The idea started way back in 1998 when someone decided to hold a coffee morning and raised £138. Since then the idea has developed and become a national event and is very well supported. In 2016 the Coffee Morning has attracted a high profile sponsor – Marks and Spencers. Coffee Mornings were held on the 30th September, but if the date is not convenient they are held on other days the same week.

McMillan state that cancer will affect us all, 1 in 3 of us will get it at some point in our lives, and of course we all know someone in our family who has had the disease. At the present time 2.5 million people have cancer, and this is expected to increase to 4 million by 2030.

Our owner (Mark Booker) comments “as I own a local care company that helps people with cancer and someone whose family has been touched by the disease I am keen to support any cancer related events. McMillan provide medical, emotional, practical and financial help and it is vital that the public support them. In particular we work with McMillan nurses to provide overnight care for people who are seriously ill”.

I attended a coffee morning event at Chorley Town Hall and enjoyed meeting everyone – in many ways it is emotional because most people in the room have a cancer story. The drinks and cakes as in previous years were great! Independent Living care for people with cancer, we do support them towards the end of their life, but more positively some people can have cancer but retain a good quality of life for years to come”.