A recent report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) highlighted that 78% of home care services were rated as “GOOD”.  Leadership and person centred care were often the factors that made a difference.   Social care is a big contributor to the economy employing 1.45 million people and adding £42 billion.  This can only increase in importance as the people aged over 85 will double over the next 2 decades.  In 2016 1.2 million adults had unmet care needs  A key problem is staff vacancy rates which have gone from 6.6% to 10.4%, and staff turnover is rising (now at 28%).  43 Councils reported home care agencies giving contracts back.

The report suggests that “Leadership” is vital to a good service.  Managers should be visible and known to staff, customers and their families.   Good managers truly value their staff and support their development . The second aspect is “person centred care” which means care plans are tailored to a client’s needs which includes a person’s likes and dislikes.

Registered Care Manger for Independent Living (Amanda Singleton) commented “the care sector is vital and growing but at present it remains unresolved as to how it should be funded at a rate which will meet everyone’s needs and quality standards.  In order to tackle staff vacancy and turnover the wages need to rise to make it a more attractive employment choice but this can only be done if hourly rates for care are realistic.  We also recognise the value of Leadership and Person Centred care which was recognised by our CQC inspector when we were rated “GOOD.  The owner and management team are well known and approachable to our carers, customers and their families”.