As a care company today’s big task was to phone around our customers and find out who has had a COVID19 jab.  This is required by the local authority, and presumably the government.  Encouraging most of our customers have had at least one jab.  The conversations at first were…. Who has had a jab, and who is still waiting?”  The conversation with our clients and their families has now moved onto “Whether you had the Astra Zeneca, or the Pfizer jab!”  and “Did you have any side effects?” I’m sure the next question will be “When are you having the second jab?”

What all this means of course is that the older groups the government targeted first for a vaccine appears to have worked well.  Our phone around suggested that most of our customers have already had at least one vaccination.  The main difficulty seems to have been people who are largely housebound because the Pfizer vaccine could not be used as it  needs to be stored at -70C, this led to worry as people they knew others who could get out and had better health got vaccinated before them.

After a short delay our carers have also been offered a vaccination.  We have all had to travel to the Preston Royal Hospital this week.  Whilst its a bit of a drive none of us have been too concerned because we know it is important to protect ourselves, and this in turn helps protects our customers through lower transmission.

For those who really want to know…. I had the Pfizer vaccine!