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Companionship Care Services in Chorley, & Leyland

We provide companionship in both a person’s home and helping our clients to get ‘out and about’ in the local area. This can be on an ongoing basis, or short term if required.

Our Care Includes:

  • Providing company at home
  • Help with hobbies & interests
  • Accompany outside the home

As people live longer, they may not know as many people in their local community, become less able to get out and about and family may not live locally. Independent Living provides people with companionship; this may be as simple as visiting a loved one for a drink and a chat, or having a meal with them.

It may be that they have given up driving but would still like to get ‘out and about’.

Our care staff are fully insured and can take clients out for a drive to go shopping, dining, go to sports events and other places of interest.

This regular contact helps maintain a loved ones spirits and contributes to their overall wellbeing.

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As we get older we often spend more time alone.  This is because we have usually retired from work, our partner or friends may no longer be around, giving up driving may reduce our ability to get about as much, and ill health can make social activities difficult.  We often find family members may not live close by.  It is becoming increasingly common for a person’s family to reside abroad.

We provide a range of companionship services.  This can be as little as 30 minutes to chat, make sure someone is well, and perhaps complete a few domestic duties.  If necessary, we can spend a block of time with a person, for example 2-5 hours just once a week, or perhaps provide multiple visits throughout the day.  All our carers have cars and insurance so if a customer is well enough they can visit shops, retail parks, markets, garden centres etc.

If a loved one is going on holiday, having a break etc we can provide temporary support, for example offering cover for just two weeks.