Meet our owner – Mark Booker

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Mark Booker founded Independent Living in 2011.  He has a natural empathy with older people having been partly brought up by his grandma in the 1980s, and spending time with his grandma’s brother – Uncle Mick..  Mark communicates well with older people as he understands their values, concerns, outlook on life, what is important to them, and the words they use.  At our last CQC inspection a number of customers when interviewed mentioned in addition to their carers they had a good relationship with Mark.  He communicates with customers or their families on a regular basis.  He also does a number of care calls, particularly transport to hospital appointments – some customers ask for Mark specifically to take them, and they phone the office to chat to him.

Mark is passionate about home care, and about providing a great service for his customers and their families.  Independent Living has established a great reputation since it was founded in 2011.  Mark knows that for many customers their care call is a focal point of their day – they worry which carer is visiting them and what time their calls is taking place. He works long hours to ensure people receive a great service and that any queries are dealt with promptly.  The business is totally independent, we are NOT part of a franchise which means we can keep our prices competitive and make our own decisions here in Chorley/Leyland and not by a head office in the South East of England, or in America.

Independent Living is an ethical company.  If a customer is taken ill in hospital we stop care at that point.  It is against Mark’s principals to charge customers for care whilst they are in hospital, or ask for a retainer payment.

The business based in a shop at 225 Eaves Lane, Chorley has a very positive atmosphere.  We also have a sub-office in our other main location – Leyland.  Customers, their families  and carers visit the shop regularly for a chat – this means Mark keeps in close contact with the people that matter, and when they visit issues are resolved which perhaps would take longer if done by email or telephone.

Mark is not an absent owner of the business.  He works in the office weekdays and controls the business personally.  He takes customers shopping and to appointments, and he also carries out some overnight care. Customers when they phone up about practical issues also like to chat to Mark.


Mark understands that a company’s greatest asset is its staff.  Great staff deliver a great care service for our customers.  Independent Living is careful about who works for us, we carry out checks, and train staff well.  We pay competitive wages and given Mark’s leadership staff like working for Independent Living.  Our staff turnover tends to be lower than many other care providers.  Mark’s mum is now over 80 years old and he would not employ anyone who he would not feel comfortable sending to her.

Outside work Mark spends time with his two children.  His hobbies are running, reading and playing snooker.

Mark firmly believes that people should live in their own home as long as possible thereby retaining their independence – this is where they are happiest.  The business is run for the benefit of our customers, this is why we not have minimum calls of 1 hour, we do not take out travel time, we do not charge retainers but we are clear and upfront about the service and pricing.  YOUR HOME, YOUR PRIORITY, OUR PASSION.