Independent Living Registered Manager Amanda Singleton and Carer Elaine Tregurtha braved the mixed weather on Saturday 23rd April to run the 5km in Leverhulme Park, Bolton in aid of the Charity Veterans for the Blind, a charity supporting blind ex-serviceman. Amanda and Elaine have been sponsored by staff, friends, family, neighbours and our customers. They anticipate raising around £800. Amanda and Elaine completed the run in just over 45 minutes.

Independent Living support a young man in Chorley who was injured in active service and now is having to rebuild his life without the use of his limbs. Amanda and Elaine were therefore keen to support a worthwhile cause relating to ex-service personnel.

We asked Amanda and Elaine to share pictures of them running but they refused!Amanda from Independent Living Lancashire

Amanda, pictured, explained: “We are all becoming increasingly aware of the rising home care needs of our growing elderly communities as society is ageing but we sometimes forget that younger age groups may also require support. People injured in active service as a result of recent conflicts is an area that is perhaps under-reported but very important and a sizeable group. A person in their 20s or 30s does not expect to have to rely on a care service at such a young age but if you lose your sight or a limb it can become essential. After acquiring a major disability many ex-service people will live for decades and they have to try and rebuild their lives.”

Veterans for the Blind looks after ex-military service men and women who have lost their sight in active service. They have Support Centres in Brighton, Llandudno and Sheffield and provide respite, rehabilitation, nursing and emotional support. More information can be found on their website.

Amanda concludes “Many people injured in active service have family support but of course making the transition from an able-bodied person to someone who is permanently reliant on others is both emotionally and physically difficult. Whilst families do help, they can’t do everything and be there all the time. They require the support of home carers and organisations like Veterans for the Blind.”

For further information please call Amanda Singleton on 01257 696 050 or mail