According to the press all adults over 50, and those with immunity issues will have a third booster jab in the next few months.  It is hoped 32 million will receive the vaccine which will help protect them in the forthcoming Winter.  The doses will be delivered by 2,000 community pharmacies so the NHS can concentrate on the 5.3 million backlog of treatments.  It is anticipated that 250,000 will be delivered each day.  Given the current vaccination rates the figures are seen as realistic.  Discussions are taking place as to which vaccines will be used.  It has been suggested that people will receive a different vaccine from last time.

At the present time the backlog of 5.3 million treatments is also causing deep concern.  Private Medical Health Facilities are seeing a massive demand for procedures with people reportedly paying £20,000 for a heart bypass in order to avoid waiting on the NHS.

Independent Living Owner (Mark Booker) commented “the booster will offer reassurance for some of the people we care for.  Whilst many people are enjoying their returned freedoms vulnerable people fear it puts them at greater risk.  It must also remembered that vaccinations help but they do not stop in everyone getting COVID.  However, additional vaccines will help older people who receive home care, and hopefully thee people can have fuller lives doing activities which have been restricted in the last 18 months.”