Hospital Appointments – Care Outside Your Home

Today I received care at the Lancashire Eye Clinic based in Chorley Hospital.  About 3 years ago during COVID I was walking around Astley Village Tesco when the vision in my right eye went blurred, I tried to focus but it was like looking at the groceries underwater.  A visit to the optician proved I had fluid leaking from my eye, this did not clear up and about 7 days later I had flashes of light in my eye, and then lost my vision completely.  The care I received at the Royal Manchester Eye Hospital was first rate, within 48 hours I had a major operation called a vitrectomy to save my sight.  Over the following 18 months I had two further operations on my eyes and probably 12 outpatients appointments.  In all these situations I was unable to drive, mainly because my pupils had been dilated and needed support from my wife.  Like many people facing a medical problem, no matter how strong you, how fit you feel are when a medical emergency “comes out of the blue” we all feel vulnerable and need someone to lean on for emotional and practical support.  Being in my early 50s, I was lucky, I had my wife who is a trained nurse and my two children.  At one stage I had to put in 28 eye drops a day and change dressings.

Not everyone can rely on family and friends, when we get older our partner may no longer be around, family could be working or live elsewhere, and we are perhaps less able to deal with things when we are elderly.  Independent Living providers carers who drive and take our customers to a range of appointments.  In the past carers have taken people to: Bury General, Salford Royal, Christies Manchester, Blackpool Victoria, Royal Preston, Chorley and South Ribble, Ormskirk General, Liverpool Women’s and the Gutteridge Eye Centre, to name but a few!  A carer can either simply be a driver, or if required can attend the appointment to take notes or for moral support.

Our carers all have business car insurance and as a company we have social care insurance.  In some cases customers cannot walk from the car park due to poor mobility therefore we have our own lightweight wheelchair, or we are happy to use the ones found at hospital entrances.  Given many hospital car parks are busy at certain times it is always helpful if a customer has a “Blue Badge” but it is not essential. We help people get out of the car and find the right department in the hospital.

Independent Living is particularly well accustomed to taking people to Royal Preston, or Chorley and South Ribble.  I have probably take five people to the Lancashire Eye Clinic alone, but as a company have taken people for heart monitors, hearing aids, x-rays, heart tests, new crutches, to visit relatives in hospital and so forth!  If you require care and transport outside your home and you live in the Chorley Borough, or Leyland and surrounding areas why not call Lilian or Amanda in office hours on 01257 696 050.