Well known DJ David “Kid” Jensen has made public his battle with Parkinsons.  He has had the disease for the last 5 years but has been afraid to speak out fearing that “people will think less of him”.  But the 67 year old has decided to make an official statement because he wants to demonstrate to other people that it is possible to continue with many aspects of your life.  He stated how when he has a tremor he became self conscious and worried that everyone noticed.”

David now aged 67  went on to state “I want to show it is not a death sentence , it is something that you can live with and that their are far worse things that can happen to you than Parkinsons” David has now decided to speak out having seen Billy Connolly and Skysports presenter Dave Clarke speak out and raise funds for Parkinsons charities.  Parkinsons is a neurological condition that causes problems in the brain and over time gets worse with no cure yet discovered.

Independent Living owner Mark Booker commented “we hear so much about dementia which is quite right given the number of cases but perhaps we do not hear so much about Parkinsons which also affects so many people.  We provide a large amount of care for people with Parkinsons and we have developed a specialism in it.  Many people choose to keep it private until it becomes obvious, it seems that people with the disease think that if they reveal their situation people will make false assumptions about their ability to make decisions and carry out everyday tasks”.