It was the Leyland Festival in June.  Previous years have brought mixed weather from glorious days through to cancellation due to torrential rain and a waterlogged park.  This year was one of the hottest days of the year, and the festival started with the vehicle parade at 12 noon followed by a full range of activities at Worden Park.  The event attracted a wide rage of people from youngsters on the funfair through to older people having an afternoon tea in the marquee.  The event attracted a range of exhibitors relating to care, this included St Catherines Hospice and the Womens’ Royal Volunteers Service.

Mark Booker (our owner commented) “as usual being a member of Leyland Rotary Club I volunteered to help out.  My first task involved staffing the main entrance but as it was before the vehicle parade it was easier and quiet.  However later in the afternoon there was a rush of people and part of my role was to stop people getting in without paying!  My children loved the event going on the fairground rides and getting into the PACCAR Lorry Cab.  I also lost my wallet on the park and I want to thank the person who kindly handed it in to Leyland Police Station!”