Parkinsons could be identified decades earlier following a recent breakthrough.  The disease has symptoms such as tremors, and memory loss as a result of falling levels of dopamine, a chemical that transmits signals between the brain and body.  However, it is now believed that reduced levels of another chemical messenger serotonin is also important. It is believed that if people have reduced levels of serotonin in their 20s they are virtually certain to develop Parkinsons in their 50s/60s.  The belief is that if Parkinsons is detected much earlier then treatments can be put in place decades earlier.

Independent Living Owner (Mark Booker) commented “we have offered care for Parkinsons since we started providing home care back in 2011.  Because the number of cases of Alzheimers/Memory Loss is much higher than Parkinsons it gets much more media attention.  However, from our experience Parkinsons is also widespread and despite many people knowing about the tremors it is much more.  Parkinsons can affect speech, swallowing, stiff muscles, low mood, disturbed sleep and freezing.  People with Parkinsons often require a lot of home care to support them.  We are pleased to here progress is being made into finding treatments for sufferers much earlier.”