Sir Jackie Stewart explained his wife has virtually no memories because of dementia and says the effect of dementia on families is “horrendous”.  His wife was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia in 2014 and now needs round the clock care from a team of nurses  at home. Sir Jackie set up a charity “Race Against Dementia” last year.  He and his wife live on the shores of Lake Geneva which has hi-tec equipment installed to prevent his wife falling in the night and detecting when she gets up.  He told the BBC that whilst diseases such as cancer get the attention dementia has a horrendous effect on the family.

He explained how his wife was a bright lady, in the past recording his lap times.  However, after a 2104 car crash she was diagnosed with dementia and since has struggled to walk and requires constant help.  He said, the other day someone who was just 39 years old was diagnosed with dementia so we have to do something about it, and the only way is through research.  He was speaking before a visit to Larkhill Circuit a series of kart races next month in aid of “Race Against Dementia”.  Dementia affects millions with a diagnosis every three seconds and in future it maybe one in three of us gets dementia.

Independent Living Owner (Mark Booker) commented, “as a care company we are noticing a rise of people with dementia.  As Sir Jackie states we both need to find a cure but also help those families who cannot afford the round the clock care.  A cure is vital and dementia is just as important as other high profile diseases such as cancer.”