On behalf of everyone at Independent Living I (Mark Booker, Owner) would like to wish all our customers, staff and partners a Happy New Year.

At Independent Living we enjoyed our festive time but we are glad to return back to normal!  The Christmas period is a very challenging time when you run a care business, care staff want time off and there is always a great deal of sickness around at this time of year.  In addition due to the festive season many of our customers change their visits, this can be increasing, suspending or changing their times.  In short we find that we are delivering a different pattern of care visits with fewer staff over the 2 week Christmas/New Year festivities!  Added to this situation due to the Bank Holidays we are in the office much less making it hard to manage any short term changes!

As you can tell we look forward to the 3rd January when everything returns to normal!

If we can help in 2017 please drop us a line 01257 696 050